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Fanarts of the year~!

Hi guys~!

Hoping´you have a nicce new year, we´d like to share some fanarts we made this years (including some yaoi <3)

Hope you liked it and comments are welcome~!

Have a happy yaoi new year~!

Happy B-day takano-san

Happy B-Day Takano-san! Sekaiichi hatsukoi  (27-dic-11 -coffcoffKamui´s birthdaycoffcoff- (see original here)

Princess of crystal

Princess of crystal  Mawaru penguindrum (22-Dic-11) (see original here)

Bird momoto  (16-dic-11) (see original here)

Hayato Ichinose, Uta no prince-sama  (21-nov-11) (see original here)

Tale of memories, no.6 (30-Oct-11) for a contest on DA (see original here)

Rio (26-Ago-11) (see original here)

Pandora hearts 26-ago-11) (see original here)

For more artworks (para más ilustraciones) visit: Nuestro Deviantart

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